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    Tried to get car insurance since I was very happy with my condo insurance from them but unfortunately this was one of my worst experiences so far. They told me that I could get covered for Canada and the US but could NOT tell me how long I would be allowed to go outside of Quebec! Why would I buy a service if they can't tell me 100% what I can and cannot do with the service? I'm not going to throw money at something if I don't know what I can do with it, right?! If I get a quote from someone to repair my roof I will know what the company will do exactly and I will know what they won't do. How can a company operate like this and leave the customer in the dark like this? I really hope that this is not common practice in this industry...
    By Thomas K., 17-03-2018
  • Love their new coffees, I don't go anywhere else especially with their coffe card, the 5th is free! They have a ton of other things to make it a 1 stop place. Gerry is a top notch guy!!!
    By Bigs73, 12-03-2018
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    Some of the cashier's are dishonest, count your change and carefully check your total, especially if paying cash for gas. Don't buy any sandwiches they are empty, your are paying for 2 slices of bread. No good experiences to share.
    By Mark Whitlock, 06-03-2018
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    I would rate zero stars if i could. Been banking with bmo for over 15 years. Visited over a dozen branch's. This is hands down the worst branch I have ever been to. They close the business line at 3pm resulting in 20-40min wait times. Does business end at 3pm ? Time to revamp your training and team at this location BMO. I would have discussed this in a phone call but nobody picked up.
    By Alan Weeks, 02-02-2018

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